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We’re wondering –
What is it that makes us feel connected?
What connects people, regardless of age, gender, language and background?
What connects Jews from all over the world, even those we haven’t met?
What is it that moves us?
What is it that makes us feel in our heart and stomach that we are at home?
There is only one answer – food!
Home cooking
Mom’s cooking
Grandma’s cooking
Food that we grew up on
Food that has shaped who we are
Food that we love

What is

Imagine a cookbook that features a collection of food stories.
Imagine a recipe app.
Now, imagine a combination of both but that acts like a WhatsApp group. A place where you can easily and quickly share content, recipes, stories, photos and videos.

And the best part– Foodish will have more exciting features! At the touch of a screen, you’ll be able to share your family’s stories, recipes and legacy from the database of the Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot, adjust your recipe to your own dietary needs (such as vegetarian, gluten- free or even paleo), and customize them for you and your family.

Foodish’s digital platform is set to launch at the end of 2020.
Till then, join us on Facebook and here on our Newsletter for updates, recipes, stories and much more!


Foodish will be the world’s biggest Jewish food platform.
A combination of stories and content shared by Chefs, foodies, bloggers, but also grandmas or your nephew, working on his bar mitzvah project.

5 Things
You Didn’t Know
About the Museum of
Jewish People at
Beit Hatfutsot

We believe in Jewish peoplehood
We feel deeply about Jewish culture, history and values; these are the components that make us one connected community – and one huge extended family. And all we do is from a pluralistic and inclusive perspective.

We celebrate Jewish identity
Over the years, the Jewish people have done more than merely survive. For the most part we have thrived, flourished, created and contributed. This is how we see the past, the present and the future.

We are at in the midst of a huge renewal process
We are reimagining everything, from the physical museum all the way through to our educational programs, our databases and our events.

We’re a-political and non-denominational
Our sole agenda is strengthening a sense of belonging through engagement in the Jewish identity.

We are a global organization
We are present anywhere in the world where there is engagement in Jewish identity. Many of our resources are devoted to traveling exhibitions, educational programs and digital initiatives designed for the global Jewish world.

What to look for
from Foodish

Special events
Collaboration with chefs and bloggers
Foodish Box
A global Shabbat dinner
Pop-up exhibitions at Beit Hatfutsot

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learn new recipes and meet new people!
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